So you think you’ve got H1N1 “swine flu”?

OK, so you’ve got a cold or flu. The symptoms are the same as any other flu you’ve ever had. Maybe this one’s a bit more severe and you wonder if you’ve got “swine flu.” Tip: the severity of your symptoms is not a reliable indicator of the type of flu you may have. A lab test is required to tell for sure if you’ve got H1N1.
Will your doctor’s treatment change by knowing? No. As with any other flu, your trip to the doctor will end with a lukewarm advisement for bed rest and fluids. Nothing is more frustrating than spending the time and money for a doctor to tell you to just “go home and get some rest.”
The CDC is not advising H1N1 testing or antiviral drug treatments (Tamiflu, Relenza) for the general population at this time. The best defense against H1N1, they advise, is proper hand washing and avoiding folks with flu-like symptoms. But what can you do if you do get sick?
A trip to see a primary care naturopathic doctor (ND) at Nova Sinus Center will not only give you peace of mind but will shorten the duration and severity of any flu (including H1N1). How? By using an effective, soothing, and natural treatment to slow down viral replication inside of airway cells.
REST, or Respiratory Suite Treatment, will shorten the duration of any flu – including H1N1. How? By slowing down viral replication inside of airway cells.
You may be surprised to hear that “antiviral” drugs do not actually kill viruses. In fact, there has never been (or will there likely be) a true virus-killing drug. Viruses mutate rapidly and they’ve developed a crafty way to reproduce. The best a drug treatment can do is slow down the machinery that a virus uses to make copies of itself. The REST treatment does something similar – naturally. And it does so without the high risk of drug resistance, expense, and side effects of antiviral medications.
While many doctors are asking their patients to “stay home” and are slow to prescribe antivirals except for the most severe confirmed cases of H1N1, Nova Sinus Center offers an effective, soothing, and natural treatment you can use anytime. Don’t stay home. Get in for a REST treatment today.
Killer bees from Africa, Pacific coast tsunami’s, and asteroids on a collision course with Earth – no doubt, we’re disaster junkies.
While there are some groups at higher risk for developing H1N1 complications – be sure to check out the CDC website for the most up to date info – most Americans will simply “get the flu” and never know if it was H1N1 or not.
My best advice to both current and new patients is: Don’t just stay home and “get some rest” – Give your flu a REST with a treatment at Nova Sinus Center.


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