Are biofilms why your chronic sinus pain won’t go away?

Stages of biofilm attachment and development

Most of us have experienced the slime covering rocks in streams or rivers. These slippery substances are biofilms. Biofilms occur in human sinuses as well. For people suffering from allergies, sinus pain, pressure, and congestion, the warm and wet regions of our sinus cavities make a perfect places for biofilms to adhere.

What exactly are biofilms? Biofilms are multilayered bacterial populations that protect themselves with a sugar matrix which helps them stay attached to sinus surfaces. In human sinuses, the slimy matrix of biofilms helps the bacteria survive and reproduce by protecting them from antibiotics, and our immune system. This is one reason why conventional antibiotics are ineffective at treating sinus infections. It is also why sinus troubles seem to return again and again even after many types of conventional treatments.
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), biofilms cause up to 70% of bacterial infections in the Western world. Many naturopaths predict that when fully understood, the biofilm perspective of microorganisms will have a revolutionary effect on the treatment of bacterial infections such as sinusitis, bladder infections, and cardiovascular disease. In the current era of antibiotic resistance, the concept of biofilms is fast becoming critical information as modern antibiotics and nasal sprays have so little to offer people with chronic sinus troubles.
Nova Sinus Center’s ‘REST’ treatments are a new way to treat sinus infections as they help to directly eliminate biofilms. REST treratments can be helpful for anyone who wants to stop feeling “wired and tired” on sinus medication, as well as people suffering from allergies, sinus pain, pressure or congestion.
-Dr Jake Felice Sinus treatment specialist at Nova Sinus Center

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5 Comments on “Are biofilms why your chronic sinus pain won’t go away?”

  1. Big D Says:

    imo there is too much reliance on medication. there are many things a person can do including nasal rinsing, using humidifiers, changes in diet, etc.
    plus even if it becomes necessary to look at surgery there are ways to avoid anything too disruptive. things like balloon sinuplasty work more with the body and involve no cutting.
    lots to think about and always good to hear “alternative” approaches being discussed!!

  2. Dr. Robert Says:

    This makes a lot of sense based on what I see on a weekly basis. I’ll be looking into this more. Thanks for putting it out there!

  3. […] microbes get caught on the cilia, and can adhere to the mucosal surface, creating biofilms.  Click here for an explanation of biofilms in the nose.  They are the principle player in why allergies, colds […]

  4. […] between microbes, the mucus layer and mucosal epithelium results in biofilm formation.  Click HERE for a beautiful explanation of biofilms by my colleague Dr. Jake Felice of Nova Sinus Center in […]

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